Shoal Creek strives to provide a comfortable environment for both horse and owner. Channing and Elaine Hubbard, property owners, reside on the farm with a birds eye view of the horses daily activities. Kyle and Olivia Farmer, owners of Shoal Creek also reside on the farm. 

Bordering the Dupont State Forest allows owners convenient access to the miles of trails and roads on the 10,000 plus acres of the forest.

Shoal Creek Farm Boarding Rates

Full Stall Board 50/50 (horse is stalled 50% of the time) $550.00 per month

  • For owners that want their horses stalled every night, or for owners that want their horses stalled at night during the winter months and stalled for the day in the summer months. Horses on full stall board will also be stalled in poor weather day or night.

Full Board $450.00 per month

  • For owners that only want their horses stalled in poor weather day or night, freezing nights, severe storms.

All horses on Full stall board and full board will have the same care and feeding arrangements of . . .

  • Quality Hay (All Square Bales purchased from Coan Farm Penrose NC , Round Bales from Big Hungry Farm Penrose NC. We purchase all of our hay for the year at once from these farms because they are in the same farming area and feeding the same hay consistently is much healthier and easier on the horses digestion)
  • Any Bartlett Brand feed. (Delivered to the barn every other Tuesday)
  • Hay and feed provided year around and fed once or twice daily as needed.
  • 1 cup of alfalfa pellets will be provided once a day by Shoal Creek Farm to keep the pH balance in the horse’s stomach at a healthy level. (Additional alfalfa pellets, rice bran, beet pulp, flax seed, hoof supplements, or supplements of any kind must be provided by horse owner and supply maintained by horse owner)
  • Boarders are all assigned labeled tack trunks with built in saddle racks, bridle racks, and additional storage
  • All full stall board and full board horses have 12x12 stalls including, mounted box fan, two water buckets, hay rack, and corner feed bucket.
  • Turn out in pastures with wooden fencing (four large pastures have shelters)
  • Bagged pine shavings
  • Horses on Full stall board and full board will be blanketed, fly masked, fly sheeted, and fly sprayed as owner desires (blankets, fly masks, fly sheets, fly spray provided and supply maintained by horse owner)
  • Full Stall Board and Full Board horse are checked daily for injuries (cuts, scrapes, lameness etc. . .) Shoal Creek Farm will care for minor injuries, for more severe injuries horse owner and vet will be contacted.
  • For owners that have purchased the year supply of De-wormer horses are dewormed every eight weeks.
  • If owner of Full Stall Board or Full Board horse is unable to hold horse for farrier or vet we will gladly hold your horse and make sure they are taken care of. (Payment must be left for farrier or Vet will mail bill to you.)

Contact Olivia Farmer at 828.551.2225 or email at